Template of Commercial Invoice

We know that an invoice is the integral part of any business or the services rendering organization be it the small scale entity or the large scale entity they all issue the invoice.

When we talk about the commercial invoice it is the invoice which is used by the business organization, which operates for their business in the commercial way or they deal in the sale purchase of the goods.

Those business organizations issue this commercial invoice after they sale the goods or renders services to their customers. The invoice is issued mentioning the name of the buyer of the goods or the party, which has received the services from the concerned business organization.

This invoice contains all the particulars of the goods or services, which have been rendered along with the amount for which the transaction has been made.

So, if you also own any business entity then you are going to need this commercial invoice and considering your requirement, we are here providing you with the template of the commercial invoice.

This template comes with the following characteristics.

  • Being in the PDF format this template is compatible to all kind of digital devices.
  • You can make changes to this document by using the Word software editing tool.
  • The PNG image file format of this template has also been made available.

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